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UPDATE: Indonesia volcano erupting again


MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia (WKOW) -- Officials are evacuating more people from near Mount Merapi after the volcano had its biggest eruption yet.

Wednesday afternoon's explosive eruption lasted more than an hour and shot ashes miles into the sky.

Indonesia's government widened the danger zone to nine miles from six miles. The latest blast put new places in danger that had not yet been not evacuated.

People who already fled the mountain when the eruption started last week were among those being moved to safer areas.

MENTAWAI ISLANDS, Indonesia (WKOW) -- Officials say the volcano that killed 33 people earlier this week is erupting again.

There are no new injuries or damages reported in latest eruption of Mount Merapi.  Officials say most of the residents have been evacuated from the area.

Meanwhile, the death toll from a tsunami off western Indonesia has risen to 343 as rescue crews search for more bodies.

Officials say 338 people are still missing.

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