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Candidates for Senate make last-minute pitches before elections


MADISON (WKOW) -- Senator Russ Feingold was campaigning hard in Madison this Saturday, trying to get out the vote.

Feingold said with less than 72 hours left until the polls open, it's essential to remind everyone how important this election is.

He went out to campaign headquarters thanking volunteers making phone calls this weekend.

He hopes this will spread the message that his race will be determined by the turnout on each side.

"I've been the candidate who's fought against these bad policies the change comes from someone who voted against the bad trade policy who's always against the Wall Street scam so people know I represent the change people want the next couple years," said U.S. Senator Russ Feingold.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Ron Johnson was in Wausau Saturday afternoon. He says his main goals are to create jobs and reduce the federal deficit.

"It means, do we get our economy growing again. Do we actually get our federal government under control? The level of spending and debt under control, which is what we need to do to bring confidence back to the economy, remove the uncertainty so we can get it going, so we can create real jobs," said Republican candidate Ron Johnson.

The latest polls by the Public Policy Polling shows Feingold is falling behind his opponent Ron Johnson.

Johnson is up 53% to 44% over U.S. Senator Feingold.

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