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Tiger sanctuary holds Halloween event, following attack

Tiger sanctuary holds Halloween event, following attack

ROCK SPRINGS, WI (WKOW) -- Continuing coverage on the tiger attack that hospitalized a volunteer from the Big Cat Rescue Center in Rock Springs.

Workers are hosting their first event, following the incident October 22nd. It's called Trick-or-Treat With the Big Cats.

Hundreds of kids came all dressed up to the family-friendly event this Sunday, getting up close with the animals, including the Schreck family.

"We feel very safe here because the cages are very sturdy and we've been here many time and never had a problem with the tigers," said Kathy Schreck.

The Siberian tiger who attacked a volunteer two Fridays ago, is on display for the public today.

The founder of the 3-year-old sanctuary, Jeff Kozlowski, says the tiger named "Kahn" is being separated from the other animals for 10 days, because of the attack.

On Wednesday - the U.S. Department of Agriculture came to the sanctuary, to investigate.

"As far as our facility and everything, it was a perfect inspection. We did get written up for the section of handling. We really didn't do anything wrong, but once that happens we have to change," said Co-Founder Jeff Kozlowski.

Kozlowski says the cats will now be in a separate cage when they are fed food or water.

He hopes it will avoid what happened to one of their eight volunteers, from ever happening again.

38-year-old John Meeker was giving the Siberian tiger water when the cat grabbed his sweatshirt and bit his arm.

Meeker had surgery on his arm, and now has full function of his hand and fingers.

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