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The Madison Bubble: Is this even more true now?


MADISON (WKOW) -- Most have heard the saying about Madison being a "bubble."

Others called it a paradise surrounded by reality.

To many progressives and liberals today, this saying might seem very true for them, as Republicans take control of the state assembly.

WKOW sat down with Madison's mayor, Dave Cieslewicz.

"If you look at a map of the state, and how the votes fell, it's not just Dane County, but also Milwaukee, and an area in northern Wisconsin and a few other places, that were blue on that map, so we're not alone," said Cieslewicz.

The mayor pledged to reach out to Governor-elect Scott Walker.

"We intend to establish a working relationship with him just as soon as we can, we're reaching out today to see if there's an opportunity to talk over the next week or two.  We're going to see what things we can work on together.  I was encouraged by the Governor-elect's victory speech last night where he focused on the economy.  That's absolutely right.  That's what we've been focusing on here in Madison.  I'm interested to hear his ideas.  We're interested in working together as governor and mayor of the second largest city."

Cieslewicz told WKOW he wants to try to change Walker's mind about canceling high-speed rail.

"We believe high speed rail is going to be excellent for the economy.  It's going to put people to work building it, but it's also going to put people on the map as a progressive, high tech state."

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