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Neighborhood shaken after Sun Prairie home explodes


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MADISON (WKOW) -- A home explosion rocked the city of Sun Prairie early Tuesday morning, killing one person and seriously injuring two others.

"We thought it was a tornado coming through our house. It blew in our windows, knocked our ceiling down, cracked our walls," said Jerrid Luebke, who lives next-door to what used to be 1139 Coral Drive. Now, all that remains of the house is a massive pile of rubble.

"We heard our neighbors screaming and we tried to get over there but we couldn't get through the rubble because their roof is in our yard. It was 3:00 in the morning so we're walking on glass, because we could smell the gas and we just wanted to leave," said Luebke.

Sun Prairie police say the blast was heard for 2.5 miles.

"It sounded like a big bomb. I was sitting in my living room watching TV and my screen doors just about blew off the tracks," said Armando Fuentes, who lives one block away from the home that exploded.

We Energies did not receive any calls of odor or leaks prior to the blast, but the stench of natural gas permeated the surrounding area all day Monday.

Neighbors within a block of the home were evacuated to the nearby Westside Elementary, where school was cancelled.

Many residents were allowed to return home later Monday morning but those in the 13 homes closest to the destruction were escorted by firefighters to collect any "necessary items" and leave once again.

"It's surreal. We're looking at it right now and I can't believe that's our house, next to that disaster zone," said Luebke.

Sun Prairie police are hopeful those 13 families will be able to return home on Tuesday but said it is all contingent on the ongoing investigation.

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