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Whitewater Student President Issues Statement On Hate Crimes

WHITEWATER (WKOW) -- Whitewater Police continue to investigate a series of hate crimes on campus. The latest happened earlier this week when the cars of three African-American students were vandalized. Police say the tires were slashed and "KKK" was spray painted on the cars.

Below is a statement from the President of the Whitewater Student Government concerning the incidents.

[UWW] Message from WSG President Andrew Whaley:

As many have already heard, it was announced that the UW-Whitewater police are investigating yet another hate crime in which members of the UW-Whitewater community were victims. It is truly shocking that the recent incidents have happened at a campus that has prided itself in how accepting it is. I think there can be no mistaking that the UW-Whitewater campus is an academic environment. However, not only is this an academic environment but it is an academic community. The UW-Whitewater campus is one that promotes diversity actively and has become a community where both employees and students together have discovered the value of going the extra step to extend a welcoming hand to all people in the interest of learning together.

When events like these disturb the peace of our campus, it raises many concerns that there are people out there who want to threaten the well-being of the members of our community. The events that have occurred are by no means a fair exercise of freedom of speech. If there are people out there who have issues with someone's views I encourage them to make a rational argument in a true academic fashion and give our campus the credit it deserves as a place where people want to receive an education that they are willing to work hard for.

The people who committed these crimes must realize that such senseless acts only further the notion that their argument is incorrect. They haven't impressed anyone, and they won't change anyone's mind by doing these things. In fact, they have done quite the opposite.

So, as a campus community, where do we go from here?

We as students have to be the ones who take a stand and say things like these cannot and will not happen here anymore. We are not going to let events like these devalue the institution we have proudly selected as the place to further our education. I ask that all students realize that they are the ones who can make the difference by not allowing crimes like these to go unreported. Be the one who takes responsibility to maintain our proud community and stands in the way, saying "Not here. Not my campus."

UW-Whitewater will move on but what we now know more than ever is that we have to be watchful. We have to be mindful that there are still people out there who think it is OK to do these things.

We must continue to work hard and do our part to make sure students, faculty and staff feel safe learning and working here at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Thank you,

Andrew Whaley


Whitewater Student Government

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