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California DA keeping eye on TSA officials


SAN MATEO, CA (WKOW) -- A California District Attorney is telling TSA screeners at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) he will not tolerate any inappropriate handling of full-body pat-downs.

DA Steve Wagstaffe says any complaints of inappropriate touching during pat-downs will land on his desk, and he will pay attention to those complaints.

"If it is skin to skin, if someone were to take their hand and touch someone under their blouse, it's a felony," Wagstaffe said. "If someone were to touch you over clothing, that's a misdemeanor according to California law."

One thing passengers in all airports need to be aware of, however, is once passengers enter security, TSA officers can ask them to submit to a pat-down. At a certain point in the process, you cannot back out, and will be searched regardless of consent.

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