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Chongqing: China's boomtown


CHONGQING, China (WKOW) -- A major import/export imbalance still exists between the United States and China, but China has successfully imported one American idea: the boomtown.

People have been moving from rural parts of China to more urban areas to seek greater opportunities, and one city in the nation has exemplified that more than any other: Chongqing.  The population of Chongqing has been growing by more than 200,000 per year.

The Chinese call the city the "Chicago of the Yangtze River," and it resembles the "City in a Garden" one way: developers turning old industrial sectors into hip, residential and commercial areas.  Think South Loop in China.

Developer Tang Ka Wah says the city is experiencing economic growth at a rate of 14.9 percent.

As a result of all this growth, the metro area around Chongqing has swelled to 33 million residents, meaning it passes Tokyo as the largest metro area in the world.

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