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TSA chief says airport security will be refined


WASHINGTON (WKOW) -- Some Thanksgiving travelers may find it to be good news at busy airports -- the Transportation Security Administration says they'll be softening screenings.

Full body scans and probing pat-downs have angered the public and politicians.

TSA chief John Pistole says the agency will work to make the screening "as minimally invasive as possible." He says in all national security programs there is a "process of refinement and adjustment."

Pistole also said those getting body searches represent "a very small percent" of the 34 million people who have flown since the new policy went into effect. Pistole urged passengers unhappy with the policy not to "tie up people who just want to go home and see their loved ones."

President Barack Obama has asked if there's a less intrusive way to ensure travel safety.

Meanwhile, if an Internet boycott of the full body scans takes shape this week it could really slow things down at the airport over the Thanksgiving holiday. Participants are being urged to decline the scans on Wednesday, meaning they'll have to undergo a full pat-down.

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