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Jefferson H.S. pool accident sends student, teacher to hospital

JEFFERSON (WKOW)-- Jefferson High School officials are scratching their heads over an accident at their pool.

It happened at about 1:30 p.m. Monday, sending a teacher and student to the hospital.

Our cameras were not allowed near the pool, because all power has been shut off Monday night.

The district superintendent says students in a P.E. class were swimming in the school's 43-year-old pool.

A small observation window at the bottom of the pool shattered, and gushing water pushed a high school junior boy through the broken glass and into the mechanical room, which is about an 8-foot drop.

Greg Featherson, who was teaching the class, saw what happened and immediately jumped in the pool, but was sucked through the window as well.

There's no word on how many other children were in the pool at the time of the accident, but everyone else made it out okay.

The superintendent says the teacher received stitches and the boy was flown to a Madison hospital. We don't know his condition at this point.

The superintendent says they're looking for answers.

"We have no idea why that happened at that will be assessed as soon as we get to the area and look," said District Superintendent Michael Swartz.

Superintendent Swartz says about two-thirds of water in the pool poured out - which was about 200,000 gallons.

Most of the water poured into the mechanical room, which controls the chlorine levels and heating to the pool.

There's no word on the cost of the damage.

The school is in the process of finishing a $35 million renovation to the school, which includes building a new pool by next fall depending on the cost, they may not repair the pool.

That means P.E. classes would have to be changed and the school's swim team would be affected.

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