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Marinette Police Chief: Student was quiet, teacher heroic

MARINETTE (WKOW) -- "No demands were made, no requests were made, at times, the student could be described as quiet and solemn," Marinette Chief of Police Jeffrey Skorik said at a press conference Tuesday morning.

The teacher involved in the hostage situation at Marinette High School, north of Green Bay, helped keep the situation calm, according to Skorik.  "The teacher was nothing short of heroic," Skorik said.  "We give that teacher a lot of credit for keeping a cool head in that situation."

Skorik also released further details of the hostage situation that ended last night with the gun-toting student shooting himself.

He says, according to his latest information, the student remains in serious condition, and says, "From what I understand, the wound is potentially life threatening."  He would not say where the student shot himself, and could not confirm if the student, who is remaining nameless, was still at the hospital he was originally taken to.

Skorik says the police were notified of the situation after the principal of the school was worried that the students and teacher in the basement classroom had not been seen since the final bell rang.  The Principal Corry Lambie went to check on things, and found the student with the two guns with the teacher and other students still in the room.  Lambie reportedly tried to enter the classroom, and the gunman told him to, "get out of here," Skorik says.

At 8:03 p.m. police heard three gunshots come from the room and, concerned for the students, entered the classroom.  When inside, they found the student at the front of the classroom, and he turned around, raised his weapon, and shot himself.  The other students were reportedly still in the room when this happened.

Police are still processing the scene, and say when the 15-year-old gunman was taken to the hospital, they found more live rounds in his pocket.  There was also a duffel bag inside the classroom that was also filled with ammunition for both the 9mm and .22-caliber weapons the student was wielding.  The Brown County Bomb Squad was called in to check the bag and the rest of the school for any potential "incendiary devices." 

Investigators are still trying to determine where the weapons came from in the first place, but police responding to the classroom fired no shots.  Five or six shell casings from either weapon were found in the classroom.

Skorik says he is unsure if school was in session when the first shots were fired.  He also says the conversation between the gunman and the other students could be described as "light and general."  The student himself is described by school officials as a good student, well liked, and police say he's had no previous contact with law enforcement. 

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