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Sun Prairie residents learn more about house explosion


SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) -- After nearly one month, Sun Prairie residents are learning more about a deadly house explosion there. 

Many were just waiting to find out the cause of the explosion, but the police chief says that won't be known for quite sometime.  Most of them say they were happy with how police handled the explosion.

It was a packed house inside the Westside Elementary cafeteria, with city leaders explaining their efforts in the 72 hours following the explosion.

"Why we responded the way we did and inform them of the response to date," said District 3 Alderman Zach Weber.

One of those people voicing their opinions was Faith Thomas.

The five condos she rents out nearby were affected, and she wants to know exactly what happened.

"The rumor mill has been very busy but we really would like to know what caused it," said Thomas.

The police chief says there are plans for a site inspection starting on December 9, to determine a final cause.  So that the blast that happened on November 9th - taking the life of Andrew Manley and injuring homeowners Lindsey Stephany and Steven Slack will never happen again.

"It's unbelievable, unbelievable anybody survived. My hope is people pull together for survivors and watch out for each other and bring the community closer together," said Thomas.

After the meeting, residents were allowed to ask questions.

Many had gas leak worries. The city plans to bring we energies out to sweep the entire block to check if there are any other gas leaks.

The police chief adds with the site inspection planned for December 9, residents should expect Coral Drive to be shut down at least through then.

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