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Controversy over yard signs this season


LAKELAND, Florida (WKOW) -- There's a sign controversy in Lakeland, Florida where a man created a sign, five years ago, that caught on around Christmas time, including in Wisconsin.

Now a group has put its own spin on his slogan.

"I wanted something real simple and real," said Boyd Pridmore. "I wanted it to have the whole message but to be short."

His slogan, "Jesus is the reason for the season" started small and local. But five years later, they've become a nationwide Christmas tradition.

"Last year, we shipped signs to California, Oregon, Wisconsin, Texas and the Carolinas."

It's 3 dollars for a sign, the cost of making them. For Pridmore, it's more about sharing a message. But he never expected someone to change it.

Another group in Lakeland decided they would make their own signs this year. They're about the same size and color, only the group changed one word and that is stirring up a lot of controversy.

"Mithra had shepherds attend his birth. They brought presents. Mithra had 12 disciples," said EllenBeth Wachs.

Wachs is the spokesperson for the Atheists of Florida, Lakeland chapter. The same group suing the city over public meeting prayers.

Their signs went on sale Monday online and Wachs says, their group wants to make people think.

But Pridmore still prefers his slogan.

"We'd like to see one on every block in the country."

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