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WEB EXTRA: Transcript of 911 call from Marinette principal


This is the transcript of the 911 call from Marinette High School principal Corry Lambie at 3:48 Monday afternoon.

Dispatcher: Hello, Emergency Center.

Lambie: Yes, this is Corry Lambie from Marinette High School. We have a student holding an entire class hostage right now.

Dispatcher: Okay. Who's holding it?

Lambie: A student is holding an entire...

Dispatcher: Okay. Does he have any weapons?

Lambie: Yes, he does.

Dispatcher: Okay, what does he have?

Lambie: He has a pistol.

(There is 40 seconds of silence on the recording)

(silence for next :40 seconds)

Dispatcher: Okay. Which classroom are they in?

Lambie: They are in Val Burd's classroom (unintelligible)

Dispatcher: Are you there yet, sir?

Lambie: It is A111.

Dispatcher:  A11?

Lambie: A-one-eleven. Have them come to the commons. I will be in the commons waiting for them.

Dispatcher: Okay.


Lambie: Ma'am?

Dispatcher: Yes.

Lambie: I'm leaving to go up to the commons right now. I'm in a nearby classroom.

Dispatcher: And you want the officers to go to the commons?

Lambie: Yes, and tell them to hurry.

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