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Pakistan arrests 5 suspects linked to 2009 attack


PAKISTAN (WKOW) -- Pakistani police are cracking down on past violence. They say they have arrested five militant suspects linked to last year's attack on the country's military intelligence agency that killed 30 people.

Police chief Aslam Tareen said on Friday that the men had confessed to orchestrating the attack on the offices in the eastern city of Lahore with guns, grenades and a car bomb.

Tareen says the suspects had links to the Pakistani Taliban and were planning new attacks on Shiite Muslims during a religious holiday beginning next week. He did not say how and when they were captured.

Next week's Muharram holiday is important for Shiites, who stage processions mourning the 7th century death of the Prophet Mohammed's grandson that led to Islam's split into Shiite and Sunni sects.

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