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Badger fans ready for Pasadena


MADISON (WKOW) -- The BCS Standings were revealed Sunday night confirming Wisconsin will face TCU in the Rose Bowl.

The Badgers remained at #5 in the BCS rankings. Since they stayed ahead of Ohio State and Michigan State, they win the Big Ten tiebreaker and will represent the conference in the Rose Bowl.

Badger fans can now truly smell those roses.

After a week of waiting the pressure is off, and now, it's time to celebrate.

Excitement is now sky-high in Madison as the good news is now official.

"I'm thinking I wanna go!" said Patti Hellebrand. She along with about a dozen of her other friends can breath a sigh of relief, now that the wait is finally over for fans across the Badger State.

"We haven't been there in years and its nice to be back there," said Peter Struble, a Badger fan.

"The biggest thing I was thinking was that we had to beat Ohio State and once we did that I figured we had a chance I'm just pretty excited they're going," said Justin Sutherland, Badger Fan.

Now, the fans plans to head out west to see their favorite team go all the way.

"Really anyway I can get a ride most likely by plane but cars a possibility," said James Erdhal, a Badger fan.

Rose Bowl merchandise was on hold until the official announcement came out, but at Insignia in downtown Madison, employees set out dozens of Rose Bowl shirts Sunday night. The store was open until 10:00 PM.

At Madison Top Company, the printing store planned to print more than 8,000 shirts Sunday night and into Monday morning. Twenty stores across Wisconsin are making Rose Bowl merchandise.

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