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UPDATE: Gunman opens fire at Florida school board meeting


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) -- Police say the ex-convict who held a Florida school board at gunpoint had been planning to do it for some time.

Panama City Police Chief John Van Etten says Tuesday's date was circled on a calendar found in the trailer where 56-year-old Clay Duke lived north of Panama City.

Duke shot himself after firing at school board members during a meeting Tuesday. No one else was hurt. Before opening fire, he painted a red V on a wall and talked about his wife being fired.

Officials say she worked for the schools, but it wasn't clear whether she resigned or had been fired or what her job was. She was apparently living with her mother in a nearby town.

Van Etten says the shooting was not "spur of the moment." Police also found anti-government paraphernalia in Duke's home.


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) -- Police are now saying a gunman shot himself to death at a Florida school board meeting and that he was not killed by a security guard as initially reported.

Panama City Police Sgt. Jeff Becker says after reviewing video footage of Tuesday's shooting, it was determined that the gunman fatally shot himself.

Witnesses tell The Associated Press that the gunman walked up to a podium at the meeting, spray painted a red "V" with a circle around it on a wall and began firing.

There were no other injuries. The gunman's name has not been released.


FLORIDA (WKOW) -- School officials say a former police officer shot and killed a gunman who opened fire during a school board meeting in Panama City.

The gunman confronted the Bay District School Board during Tuesday's meeting.  He came up to the podium and spray painted a red "V" with a circle around it.  He then pulled out a handgun and started talking.

A district spokeswoman says there were no other injuries.


FLORIDA (WKOW) -- The Panama City NewsHerald reports that: One man has been taken out of the school board offices on a stretcher and appears to be dead, according to a reporter on the scene. The reporter was told the only injured person was the gunman.

A reporter has confirmed that former School Board member and district security chief Mike Jones shot the gunman.

No citizens were injured, according to the latest reports.

The gunman opened fire during a Florida Panhandle school board meeting. Police will only confirm that one person has been shot, but they won't say if it was the gunman or someone else.

A WMBB television reporter at Tuesday's meeting says the man came up to the podium at the Bay District School Board meeting and said he had a motion. He then pulled out a can of red spray paint and painted a "V" with a circle around it.

Reporter Nadeen Yanes tells her station he pulled out a handgun and started talking.

Yanes says a school board member hit the gunman with her purse and he pushed her to the ground and started firing randomly.

Yanes and others ran outside. Police released no further information.

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