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More snow on the way: clear hydrants, gas meters


MADISON (WKOW) -- While you're clearing that snow from your vehicle and sidewalk, the Madison Fire Department asks you help them by clearing off your fire hydrants.

Not only do buried hydrants hamper firefighting operations, but there is an increased risk that hydrants may be damaged during snow removal operations.

Click here for a map of the City's hydrants.

Another area to keep clear: gas meters. Madison Gas & Electric says the way to maintain safe and reliable natural gas service to your home or business is to keep your natural gas meter and regulator clear of ice and snow buildup. Excessive snow or ice covering or around the meter set can cause an interruption of gas service or create an unsafe condition inside your home or building. Ice or snow buildup should be cleared by hand or brush to avoid damaging the metering equipment. Finally, don't forget to keep snow cleared away from any of your home's ventilation points. Snow and ice can hamper ventilation of fuel-burning appliances, leading to a potential buildup of carbon monoxide.

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