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UPDATE: Assange freed from jail


LONDON (WKOW) -- After spending more than a week behind bars, the founder of WikiLeaks says it's great to smell the fresh air again.

Julian Assange was released from a London jail Thursday.

An appeal from Swedish prosecutors to keep him in jail failed. They're trying to extradite Assange for questioning on sex crime allegations.

Assange is staying in an English country mansion owned by a WikiLeaks supporter, which will allow him to return to his work on the secret-spilling website.


LONDON (WKOW) -- Julian Assange will be freed on bail and sent to stay at a British country mansion, a U.K. judge ruled Thursday, rejecting prosecutors' attempts to keep the WikiLeaks founder in prison as he fights extradition to Sweden.

Prosecutors had argued there was a risk the 39-year-old Australian, who faces sex-crimes allegations in Sweden, would flee if he was freed. But the judge said if Assange fled "he would diminish himself in the eyes of many of his supporters. I don't accept that Mr. Assange has an incentive not to attend (court). He clearly does have some desire to clear his name."

 Assange smiled and gave a thumbs up sign to a packed courtroom as he was led away by court guards. It was not immediately clear how long it would take before he was released.

Assange was granted a conditional release on $316,000 bail by a lower court on Tuesday, but prosecutors appealed.


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