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Hundreds stranded from coast blizzard


UNDATED (AP) -- The number of airline flights canceled today because of the East Coast blizzard tops 1,000.

Hundreds of people were stuck this morning at the three major New York City-area airports. Runways are expected to reopen in the afternoon.

But even then, passengers will have a hard time getting on board. Seats are already scarce because of the busy holiday season, and airlines are operating fewer flights than they did before the recession.

A spokesman for Boston's Logan Airport says airlines are saying that rebooking could drag into Friday -- the start of another holiday weekend.

The paralyzing storm in the Northeast comes a week after several inches of snow shut down London's Heathrow Airport and left travelers sleeping on terminal floors. It took five days for Europe's busiest hub airport to resume normal operations.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Hundreds of cold, hungry and tired passengers are stranded at the New York area's three major airports because of a fierce winter storm.

Officials say the would-be passengers are being provided blankets and cots. But some of the travelers say they were not allowed to retrieve their checked luggage and have no extra clothing or toiletries.

Jason Cochran of Manhattan noted that tempers would flare as people started to get hungry. He was stuck at Kennedy Airport since he arrived for his 6 p.m. Sunday flight to London.

Some subway passengers were stranded for hours on above-ground trains that broke down in Queens. Passenger Christopher Mullen tells local cable news station New York 1 that passengers have "no food, no water" and no heat.

In Monmouth County, N.J., state troopers took water and food to diabetics marooned on two passenger buses carrying about 50 people on the Garden State Parkway. One bus still awaited rescue at midmorning Monday.

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