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Badger fans pack downtown bars during Rose Bowl


MADISON (WKOW) -- The disappointing outcome of Saturday's Rose Bowl game was lost on the bars downtown; State Street watering-holes had huge crowds, all part of an even bigger weekend.

State Street Brats was near capacity during the game, with about 425 people inside watching the game on plasma screens and projectors. The bar offered a $25 all-you-can eat, all-you-care to drink special.

Saturday's big turnout was just one of several huge events this weekend. Many bars downtown, including Brats, were open all night Friday for New Year's Eve.

Owner Kelly Meuer says he had to scramble to find enough staff to fill all the shifts.

"This is particularly tough because half of our senior staff wanted to go out to Pasadena and see the game and have the experience of a lifetime, and I can't blame them for doing that," he said.

"I grabbed some family and pulled them down here. We came down and started mopping floors and cleaning up around 6 a.m."

There is still another big event to come, with the Packers-Bears game on Sunday.

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