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Salvation Army meets kettle campaign goal, but still in need


DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- Leaders at The Salvation Army announce a successful 2010 kettle campaign. They will make their goal of $620,000 thanks to 78 stores and 6,600 bell ringer shifts and donors. In 2009 the kettles brought in $610,000 with 75 stores, 5,800 bell ringer shifts.

The percentage of slots filled went from 44.8% in 2009 to 49.8% in 2010. Major Moore says, "We are grateful for the efforts of the people in this county in meeting our kettle goal".

The Salvation Army says there is some bad news as well. The overall Christmas Appeal budget is $1,480,000. Kettle income of $620,000 plus $860,000 mail appeal which come to us via Internet, checks, credit card and stocks.

As of January 4th, they are down $308,000 in the mail appeal portion of our Christmas Appeal budget. The following numbers below are statistics with the Salvation Army. Leaders say cutting is not an option.


FY 2008-09



Comprehensive Assistance


Persons Assisted






Meal Provided






Other Services Provided






Days of Shelter Provided







In addition:

August through December 2009 we turned away 522 people because of lack of space. August through December 2010 we turned away 724 people due to lack of space. This is an increase of 202 people or 39%.

Major Gifts Director Ruth Ann Schoer says, "Cutting assistance to the people who need it most is not acceptable. I am going to find those dollars".

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