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Calming tensions in the Koreas


SEOUL (WKOW) -- North and South Korea have been at odds for past few months, but several world leaders are trying to ease their tensions. The U.S. is playing a vital role in enhancing peace talks and progress. In fact, President Barack Obama's envoy for North Korea is working today to ease fears of war on the Korean peninsula.

Stephen Bosworth says the U.S. and South Korea are working on ways to deal with the North in the wake of a deadly shelling of a front-line island.

He's been meeting with high-ranking officials in South Korea. The meetings follow signals from both sides of the border that peace talks are possible. However, he says the U.S. hasn't been putting any pressure on its South Korean ally.

According to a senior South Korean official, the governments in Seoul and Washington agree that the stalled talks on nuclear disarmament should resume only after the North shows that it's willing to make progress on abandoning its nuclear programs.

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