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Jeffrey Dahmer's Wisconsin neighbor dies


MADISON (WKOW) -- A Wisconsin woman who unknowingly tried to end Jeffrey Dahmer's murderous crime spree in the early 1990s has died at age 56.

Glenda Cleveland was Dahmer's neighbor. She repeatedly called police when her daughter and niece spotted a dazed, naked boy fleeing from Dahmer in a Milwaukee alley on May 27, 1991. The 14-year-old boy later became Dahmer's next homicide victim, after Dahmer told investigating officers the boy was his adult lover.

Cleveland called police again days later after seeing the boy's photo in a newspaper article about his disappearance. No one got back to her, and she tried again with the same result. Dahmer killed four others after murdering the boy. There were 17 Dahmer victims in all.

The Journal Sentinel says Cleveland died of heart disease Dec. 24.

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