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Congressman Sensenbrenner responds to Tucson shooting

WISCONSIN (WKOW) --  Congressman Sensenbrenner (R- Wisconsin) issued the following statement after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and others in Tucson:

"My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Judge John Roll, and the other individuals, including several congressional staffers, who were shot earlier today at a public event in Arizona. 

"We are fortunate to live in a country that allows open debate and discussion, and it is a tragic, horrible day when someone makes a senseless attack on anyone, whether a leader or a citizen participating in the democratic process.

"It is my hope that those responsible will be quickly brought to justice, so that the peoples' business can continue to be done without feelings of vulnerability or fear, and in the same spirit the Founding Fathers intended it to be done."

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