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Rep. Baldwin holds press conference to discuss AZ shooting


By Julia Fello - email | Twitter | Facebook

MADISON (WKOW) -- Democratic Representative Tammy Baldwin shares the horror of finding out her close friend now clings to life.

The focus now - turns to security.

"Gabby is one of the most decent compassionate representatives," said Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin, 2nd District in a press conference this Sunday.

Representative Baldwin couldn't hold back her feelings about the horrific events taking place just one day ago.

On Sunday, an unprecedented conference call took place with Speaker of the House John Boehner, to talk about safety after this tragedy. About 800 in all were on this call including congress, to talk about safety.

"There was a commitment renewed security on Capitol here and when members are at home," said Rep. Baldwin.

U.S. Capitol Police advised all representatives to call local police before attending a public event. Something Representative Baldwin already does.

"They by and large have struck the right tone of not coming to these events with dozens of uniformed officers but also not being too far away," said Rep. Baldwin.

This event not only has the U.S. Congress concerned, it can also be felt here in Madison.

"Anyone that uses violence to shut down democracy is really hurting the country, our job is to be out there," said Republican Rep. Keith Ripp, 47th Assembly District.

Republican Representative Keith Ripp of the 47th Assembly says he's always felt secure while in assembly at the Capitol, but always keeps an extra eye out when at a public appearance.

"At times there's concern for my family members more, than myself. but nothing to that magnitude," said Rep. Ripp.

Democratic Representative Joe Parisi echo's those feelings, saying in his 14 years in public service, he's always felt safe.

"People in our community for the most party are civil and so in Dane County and Wisconsin, I'm not concerned there is a danger," said Democratic Rep. Joe Parisi, 48th District.

Congresswoman Baldwin says her hopes are that her friend come through.

"She's just one of the most kind, gentle people you could imagine," said Rep. Baldwin.

Congresswoman Baldwin says congress will delay the repeal of the health care reform bill next week.

The most recent in our area being a death threat was against Representative Paul Ryan in May 2009.

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