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Former congressman reacts to Arizona shootings

WAUKESHA (WKOW) -- The Arizona shootings have sparked a national debate over the power of political rhetoric.

27 News sat down with former Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann Monday.

Neumann says there's no reason to believe heated debates in Washington should be linked to the massive event in Arizona.

Neumann says, "I think people forget what it was like back in the middle 90's... Rhetoric was every bit as strong, if not stronger than what we're seeing today. That is not, and was not used as an excuse for the actions we've seen this past weekend."

Neumann adds he believes the nation should be focused on the tragedy at hand and the victims involved.

He hopes politicians will continue an open dialogue with constituents, perhaps even more rigorously than before, saying that is what America is based on.

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