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Oregon teacher accused of sending inappropriate texts to students


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OREGON (WKOW) -- Inappropriate text messages sent by a teacher to her students leads to a police investigation in Oregon. A female high school teacher in Oregon resigned Monday night after accusations she sent inappropriate text messages to students.

The school district will not release anything about what was said in these texts, but the accusations have a lot of people talking about student-teacher relationships and what should be considered appropriate.

Oregon resident Ron Jabs says, "It shouldn't happen as far as I'm concerned." Oregon High School parent Jeff Keypers adds, "It's inappropriate, very inappropriate in my mind."

An Oregon High School teacher accused of text messaging inappropriate things to her students has parents like Jeff Keypers shocked and concerned. Keypers says, "You always have confidence in teachers, supportive so I was really surprised to hear that a teacher was texting a student."

The Oregon Observer is reporting three students, all minors, received the texts from a female teacher who has worked in the district for nearly a decade.

Rolf Severtson graduated from Oregon High School in 2005. He says, "I think it's strange a student and a teacher would be texting out of class. I think in certain circumstances it could be okay. Friend of family, but in most cases I don't see it."

Superintendent Brian Busler says, "We regret the situation occurred but followed district protocol as soon as they learned of the incident." He goes to say, "This incident is not a reflection of the school."

Kyle Alvis graduated from Oregon High School last year. He says in order to get a students number a teacher would have to personally ask

"It's not something I would take part in. I don't know why people would do that unless it's an emergency or needed help on an assignment but I think teachers have their own lives, students have their own lives, they shouldn't be mingling," says Alvis.

I asked more than a dozen parents about this and many didn't know what had happened. They say no email or notification was sent out by the school. The superintendent says they found out about the texts after a student came forward with the information just before winter break. The teacher was put on a paid leave of absence and now Oregon police are investigating.

The detective in charge of the case was not available to comment Tuesday. Superintendent Brian Busler says they're cooperating with police as they complete their investigation.

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