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Police investigating threat against Gov. Walker, Wis. senators


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MADISON (WKOW) -- Capitol police investigate threats against several Wisconsin public officials including Governor Scott Walker, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and two State Senators.

Word of the threat comes just four days after an assassination attempt, and mass shooting, targeting Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona.

The Journal Sentinel is reporting Wednesday's threats were made over the internet, but other than a memo sent out by Senate Chief Clerk Robert Marchant little information is being released.

The memo was sent out to every single State Senate office Wednesday. It says police are actively investigating an unspecified threat to a number of Wisconsin public officials including two State Senators.

Representative Scott Suder says the threats are taken seriously, but they're not going to stop legislators from doing their job.

Rep. Suder (R-Abbotsford) says, "We're going to conduct business as usual. We're not going to bow down to threats. It's unfortunate people behave this way."

Capitol Police Chief Tubbs confirms they are looking into the threats, but he will not comment any further on the investigation. Still, Representative Scott Suder says he's confident Capitol Police are doing everything they can to protect everyone inside the Capitol.

Rep. Suder says, "Heightened security measures, plans in place that I can't specifically talk about.. we went through this during 911at the capitol, police are working every single day to protect the people in this building."

The memo says the FBI and local law enforcement are also involved in the investigation and taking steps to address the threat.

Madison Police Capt. Jay Lengfeld says when it comes to threats, "We'll work together to come up with a safety plan but bottom line is you have to really understand the threat and investigate that to know what the risk is."

The memo asks every senator to be vigilant about their safety and take any threat seriously. It also asks that they monitor the internet for any mention of their name or any other law makers names. Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald says because this is such a sensitive matter involving the safety of these lawmakers he does not want to comment.


MADISON (WKOW) -- The FBI and Capitol Police are investigating a threat against a number of Wisconsin public officials, including Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and two state senators.

Senate Chief Clerk Robert Marchant sent a memo to all state Senate offices informing them of the investigation.  He said officials are "taking steps to address the threat."

In the memo, Marchant writes that every senator should be vigilant about their safety and the safety of other public officials, and to take any threat seriously.  The memo also asks that they monitor the Internet for any mention of senators' names.

The names of the threatened senators have not been released.

According to the Journal Sentinel, three sources familiar with the matter say the threat was also made against Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch.  The sources also said the threat was made in an Internet posting.

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