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Ticket holder since '33 remembers last Packers-Bears playoff game


MADISON (WKOW) -- Elmer Possin of Madison remembers huddling by the family radio when the Packers and Bears last met in the playoffs in 1941.

And even though Possin was already a devoted Packers fan and hanging on to the outcome of the plays of that game, the game's importance was dwarfed by a world event just a week before.

"Everything was Pearl Harbor,"  Possin said.

Beginning in 1933, Elmer Possin attended Packers games every season until he recently turned over his Lambeau season tickets to his son.

In the thirties and forties, Possin said he scored Packer game tickets for the going price those days:  $3.50.

Possin has watched the Packers play the Bears many times and recalls the disappointment of the Packers' '41 loss to Bears in that playoff game, 33-14 at Wrigley Field.

"The Packers had a very good team.  Don Hutson was playing for them."

Possin, 95, said professional football was much different at the time of that playoff tilt between the rivals.   Crowds were relatively small.   The forward pass was more of a trick play.  

Possin said the Packer radio broadcast was handled by a man whose wife served as his assistant.

But Possin said something between the Packers and Bears has withstood the test of time.

"We hate the Bears and the Bears hate us."

Possin still watches every Packer game.   As the Packers and Bears approach Sunday's NFC championship game, Possin praises Packers general manager Ted Thompson.

"I think Thompson's got a handle on it, he's recruited good players.   The franchise is solid.   It's a good place to play."

Possin also predicts the Packers will exact revenge for that playoff loss in '41 when they travel to Chicago Sunday.

"I think we will win by 24-17." 

The man who has watched this rivalry stoked for over eight decades does say the Packers and Bears are good for each other.   Possin remembers past days and decades when there were many empty seats at NFL games.

Except for one.


Online reporting by Tony Galli.





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