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Obama: U.S. needs to stay competitive to claim economic recovery


MANITOWOC (WKOW) -- In a high tech warehouse, the President's message resonated with a clean energy's firm employees, and even to some extent with Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

The Soviets launch of Sputnik in the fifties ushered in the space race, and President Obama noted a chunk of that satellite fell in Manitowoc. The President says a half a century later, the 21st Century race to win economically kicks off there. Obama said the cutting edge firms are an example of what can happen around the nation, and what needs to happen if the U.S. is to stay competitive with China, India and others and claim part of the economic recovery.

The President spent about 20 minutes with workers of Orion Energy Systems, praising the company's cutting edge work with energy efficient lighting, and expanding on the themes of his State of the Union message from Tuesday night -- cutting the nation's deficit in part by cutting out wasteful spending and challenging America's entrepreneurs to step up their games even more.

The President also stressed more government investment is needed in the new economy.

Obama said, "Wall Street doesn't necessarily want to take a chance on a good idea until they've seen it proven, sometimes resistance, needing to find someone who will want to pay for it, that's when we have to step in."

"I look at what the President said and I hope his actions match his words because if they do we can find plenty of ways to work with this administration," Governor Walker said following the speech.

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