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Packer fans travel to Super Bowl in RV


BLUE MOUNDS (WKOW) -- If you're heading to the Super Bowl and can't find a hotel, here's an interesting way around that. Take an RV.

Packaged deals that include airfare, hotel, and a rental car are costing upwards of 1700 dollars a person.  Add to that the cost of tickets and it gets pricey. That's why a guys from Blue Mounds are taking a different approach.

"The road trip is half the fun at least," said Joe Karls.

Blue mounds resident Joe Karls and his friends are making the 1,000 mile trip to Dallas in an RV. After all is said and done the group expects to save well over a thousand dollars each.

"Spending time talking with the guys. Flying in an airplane you get in an airplane and you land in Dallas. Driving you get to see the whole country," said Karls.

"This isn't going to be fun at all..." Laughed Chris Booth. "I wasn't going to go but they needed a responsible person to go... so they chose me."

They'll be staying at a campground 3 miles away from the Cowboys Stadium. So while hotels are booked, campgrounds with space for RV's still have some room.

"Onward to Dallas... Go Pack Go!" yelled Dave Wierzba.

For these dedicated fans, getting to watch a game with temperatures far above sub-zero will be quite a treat.

"An old wise man told me once there's tow ways to make the winter go by faster. One is have the Packers go to the Super Bowl. The other is to take a six month loan out in October. Luckily we're going to the Super Bowl," said Karls.

The guys all think the game will be a blowout with the packers coming out on top.

We'll check back in with them down south to see how football fans party in a campground.

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