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Gov. Walker to address budget woes


MADISON (AP) -- Gov. Scott Walker plans to plow ahead with his first State of the State speech Tuesday despite predictions of heavy snowfall in the state's capital and in southeast Wisconsin.

Walker joked Monday that the storm will give people a reason to stay inside and watch the 7 p.m. speech live.

Walker says continuing to hold his speech won't put the public at risk and he hasn't heard any concerns from legislative leaders about going ahead with it.

The Legislature is scheduled to be in session on Wednesday.

The largest amount of snowfall is expected to Wednesday between 12 a.m. until 4 a.m.


MADISON (WKOW, AP) --  Gov. Scott Walker will talk about solutions to Wisconsin's budget problems in his first State of the State speech on Tuesday.

Public employee unions are getting ready for a fight.

Republican legislative leaders have joined Walker in singling out labor costs as a place where the state should look to cut costs to help balance a projected $3 billion budget shortfall.

Walker says he will use the address to start discussing his budget plans with all the details coming in February.

He hasn't said yet how he'll balance the budget, but he's made clear that he wants union members to pay more for pensions and health care coverage.

Union leaders say they want to resume negotiations, although there are no indications that has occurred.

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