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Cashing in on Royal Wedding


LONDON (WKOW) -- The countdown to the Royal Wedding is in full swing, both in England and abroad. Artists, like many other London entrepreneurs, are using the upcoming marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton as fodder for their work.

The April 29 marriage of the second in line to the throne and his stylish commoner fiancee has stirred complex emotions in Britain, and it's being reflected in the art.

A group of art students have posed in front of Buckingham Palace all dressed as Kate, a street artist has given Middleton a punk makeover, and a show by American artist Jennifer Rubell that opens Tuesday features a life-size wax model of William. Visitors are invited to slip an arm through his and briefly live out dreams of becoming a princess.

Rubell, a 40-year-old New Yorker best known for large-scale installations involving food, says that as soon as she heard about it, she knew she would use the event and its imagery in her work. Artist Jennifer Rubell says she came up with her idea after thinking of the photo of the engagement announcement.

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