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Assembly Maj. Leader Scott Suder responds to budget repair bill


MADISON (WKOW) -- Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder says Walker's budget repair bill will pave way for "economic prosperity."

Rep. Suder released the following statement Friday morning:

"Wisconsin is in a fiscal crisis due to years of out-of-control and unsustainable government spending.

"If we don't act now to right the ship and get our state's financial house in order, Wisconsin will no longer be financially solvent.

"We're all going to have to share in the pain, and anything we do is going to be in the best interest of our state not just in the short term, but for our children and grandchildren as well.

"One out of ten Wisconsinites has been suffering for months as they struggle to find employment and put food on the table.

"Public employees are good and decent people with the same stellar Wisconsin work ethic as the rest of us, and this isn't about punishing them; it is about righting our state's financial ship.

"We're simply asking public employees to come more in line with the private sector without laying off any full time workers or stripping them of their pension benefits or health care coverage.

"Programs that have been untouchable in the past simply cannot remain sacred, because everything needs to be on the table if we are going to get our state back on track.  

"To those who say that we're moving too fast or that we're taking advantage of the majority to rush the process; I say you can't possibly move quick enough to fix a near double-digit unemployment rate and a $3 billion-plus budget deficit.

"Anything short of making the tough decisions that are necessary to balance our budget and rein in spending is going to leave our state bankrupt, and the livelihood and well being of Wisconsin will depend on the swift and decisive action we'll be taking over the next week."

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