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Sen. Risser responds to budget repair bill


MADISON (WKOW) -- State Senator Fred Risser, a Democrat from Madison, said today that Governor Walker's proposal to strip almost all rights of public employees to collectively bargain is nothing more than union busting and an unconscionable abuse of power.

"State employees have the right to negotiate in good faith with the state. Without a willingness to even discuss what concessions need to be made with state employees, the Governor comes across more like a dictator and less like a leader," Risser said.

"The Governor's budget adjustment bill attempts to wipe away over 50 years of collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin. This decree will affect every hard working public employee in the state; every librarian, teacher, street department worker, and public safety worker. These are our friends and neighbors; they are the people who make our communities function." Risser said.

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