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Students protest Gov. Walker's budget repair bill


MADISON (WKOW) -- On the other side of campus, UW students took to the streets in opposition of Governor Scott Walker's budget repair bill.

Dozens of students and Madisonians alike held a rally in front of Memorial Union, saying Governor Walker's proposal to do away with almost all collective bargaining rights for most state and local employee unions is unfair.

John Magnino, a UW-Madison student, said, "He is clearly not listening to the voters in Wisconsin, he is not listening to us. He is not listening to the students, to the teachers, and now he's attempting to strip them of more rights, the unions' rights and that's not right."

Walker's plan requires state workers to pay nearly six-percent of their salaries toward pensions. It will also double their health insurance premiums.

Walker says it's this proposal, or thousands of state workers will face layoffs.

Two more rallies are scheduled against the repair bill. Both Tuesday and Wednesday, protestors are expected to gather on the Capitol steps.

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