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Chancellor Martin asks JFC to take more time on budget repair bill


MADISON (WKOW) -- As teachers and state workers descended on the Capitol for another day of protesting, UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin asked the state Legislature's Joint Committee on Finance to take more time and delay executive action on the budget repair bill.

Here is her statement:

"Given the impact of the budget repair bill on state and university employees, I urge members of the Joint Committee on Finance, in the strongest possible terms, to delay executive action on the bill until there has been an opportunity for negotiations."

"Before curtailing collective bargaining rights that have been in place for years, I am asking legislators to step back and make a sincere effort to develop more creative solutions."

"Even a situation that requires immediate attention should still make time for substantive and deliberative exchange."

"In his inaugural address in 1861, Abraham Lincoln said 'Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.' For the benefit of state employees at all levels, I'm asking for lawmakers to take that time." 

Chancellor Martin said earlier this week that she understands members of the UW-Madison community likely would have very different opinions regarding the bill and that she and the University would support those varied reactions.

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