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Unions call for two more days of protests


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MADISON (WKOW) -- It's unprecedented in Wisconsin history: Schools around the state are closing as their teachers converge on the capitol to protest. They're fighting Governor Scott Walker's plan to end collective bargaining with unions representing 175-thousand state and local government employees. The teachers' union is the state's largest.

Wednesday night the head of the Wisconsin Education Association Council called for a walkout and two days of protesting.

"Governor walker in a few short days will have destroyed our tradition and will imposed his values upon us," said Bell, which prompted an echoing "booing" in the crowd.'

WEAC President Mary Bell defends the walkout, saying teachers missing work is for the benefit of kids and the education system.

She also made a point to clarify that she is not suggesting a strike, but for statewide action to support workers rights.  

Many workers who protested at the capital Wednesday marched around the capital holding signs of call kinds. Some even held signs of pictures of Mubarak and Hitler next to Walker's.

"It means to me exactly what it says. We believe Scott Walker wants to be a dictator just like the other two that are on the sign here. If we don't do something then our state will be devastated no different than what Egypt is... which is being dictated to - all the workers," said Wesley Gable, from Teamsters Local 43.

Many of the signs protestors brought ended up littered around the ground. Tuesday night the capital's grounds keeping had to clean up after all of the protestors. Wednesday night protestors left trash all over again.

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