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Conservatives fed up with the protesting


MADISON (WKOW) -- A local conservative radio program is getting flooded with emails since union workers began protesting Republican Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill that removes collective bargaining rights from most public workers.

Many who called into Vicki McKenna's program on WIBA had positive things to say about Governor Walker's agenda, and negative feelings towards teachers missing work to protest.

"I completely support the governor. It's a battle that is so overdue. And I admire his resilience to take this on," said one caller.

"Why is it that all of a sudden the Madison Capital Police and Joel DeSpain are now giving out crowd size estimates? When we were at the tea party rally this summer, all we heard all the time was, 'We don't do crowd estimates. It's not our job to do it.' And now they are more than willing to give out numbers," complained another caller.

McKenna says she's had 710 emails as of 10 a.m. Friday, most sharing opinions against the protesting.

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