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State Representative Hulsey releases statement

MADISON (WKOW) -- State Representative Brett Hulsey issued the following statement Saturday regarding Gov. Scott Walker's Walker Worker Rights Destruction Act:

"A big thank you to our taxpayers and supporters, our 14 Democratic Senators, and other legislators who convinced the power-hungry GOP to stop the Walker Worker Rights Destruction Act, AB 11 until Tuesday.

For tea party groups that are bringing in supporters from as far away as New York, I tell you to read the bill that is full of bad deals for taxpayers like:

• Setting up a rationing panel that could take health care and medicine away from 63,000

Wisconsin seniors and citizens without public or legislative oversight;

• Refinancing $165 million in debt, costing taxpayers $40 million over 10 years;

• Selling off state property and power plants in a no-bid process;

• Creating 35 new political appointees for Governor Walker's cronies; and

• Giving a developer/contributor a special deal to destroy wetlands.

This bill means more power grabs and special interest giveaways of tax money. That's not what the Tea Party or the Republican Party says they are for.

I look forward to a thorough debate next Tuesday to address the concerns of Wisconsinites and present changes to this deeply flawed legislation.

People should contact their Republican State Representatives and Senators across the state and tell them to ‘kill this bill' because it is bad for Wisconsin workers and taxpayers."

Representative Hulsey is an Assemblyman representing Madison, Middleton, and Shorewood Hills.

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