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Senator Mark Miller releases statement

MADISON (WKOW) -- Wisconsin State Senator Mark Miller released a statement regarding the offer from workers on economic issues in the Governor's "mini-budget":

"It's no secret what Democrats are fighting for - protecting the rights of workers like nurses, teachers, child care workers and prison guards to have a say about the conditions they work under.

We have not undertaken our recent actions lightly. But our job, and the role of government, is to expand people's rights and not take them away.

Public workers have stepped up and said that they would accept the increased payments for health and retirement benefits that Governor Walker has requested.

All they ask in return is to continue to have the same rights in the workplace that they have had for fifty years.

I'm very disappointed to see the media reports that Governor Walker has refused the offer of representatives of nurses, teachers, child care workers, prison guards and other public safety workers.

The Wisconsin Way is to work together to address issues and meet challenges. Workers are willing to do their part, now is the time for the Governor to come to the table, bring us together and reach a compromise."

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