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Gov. Walker discusses budget repair bill provisions; calls Dems back to state


MADISON (WKOW, AP)  --  Protests continue over Governor Walker's Budget Repair bill, now for the sixth straight day in a row.

Demonstrators Sunday again filled the Capitol rotunda, voicing their concerns. Some slept overnight; others have stayed at the Capitol the entire week. Protests were planned outside the governor's office Sunday as well.

In the midst of the controversy, WKOW sat down with Governor Scott Walker for an exclusive interview. 

Wake Up Wisconsin anchor Elishah Oesch talked to the Governor about the bill's provisions, and what's next for the state of Wisconsin. 

Republican Gov. Scott Walker says the state Senate Democrats who fled the state to delay voting on a sweeping anti-union bill need to come back to Wisconsin and do their jobs.

He told Fox News on Sunday that if Democrats want to participate in democracy they need to be in the arena, not hiding out.

Walker's bill would require government workers to contribute more to their health care and pension costs. It would also largely eliminate their collective bargaining rights.

The proposal has spawned massive protests in Madison that are entering their sixth day.

Walker says unions have too much power, which limits the ability of state and local governments to control spending. He says his bill will prevent layoffs and help tackle a projected $3.6 billion budget shortfall.

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