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Cat in tree prepares for vet visit


GREEN COUNTY, Wis. (WKOW) -- Almond the Cat, approaching his ninth month in a Green County maple tree, seems unaware of the chaos gripping Madison, some 45 minutes to the north.

"He's doing fine," Ron Venden, Almond's owner, said on Wednesday. "He's snug and warm up there."

Almond was born in the tree during the first week of June and has never come down. Venden says he is now fully grown and sometimes has trouble getting in and out of the knot hole where he sleeps.

A veterinarian is expected to make a tree call in the coming days, inoculating Almond against a full range of feline diseases.

"He could scratch himself and catch something," Venden says.

Venden is also in the process of constructing wooden platforms throughout the tree to facilitate Almond's travels from branch to branch.

Venden says, "I don't want him to slip and fall."

Cat lives in a tree

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