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Employees sign open letter to Governor Walker, Legislature


MADISON (WKOW) -- More than 200 municipal, county and school officials from across Wisconsin have signed an open letter to Governor Scott Walker and the Legislature. The letter urges the governor to delete provisions in the budget repair bill that would restrict the collective bargaining process.

The letter describes what employees are willing to accept from the budget repair bill, however they ask the government to preserve collective bargaining. The employees recognize the fiscal challenges the state faces, but they want the governor to work with state and local leaders as well as the public sector.

Local government leaders from around the state held a news conference on Wednesday to outline the reasons why community and school leaders oppose the restrictions on collective bargaining.

A number of city councils, county boards, and school boards have passed resolutions opposing Governor Walker's plan to override collective bargaining.

To view the open letter and the list of signers, click here.

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