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Wray says Walker's comments 'unsettling'

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray Madison Police Chief Noble Wray

By Capitol Bureau Chief Bob Schaper - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

MADISON (WKOW) -- "Unsettling" and "troubling."

Those were the words Madison Police Chief Noble Wray used to describe statements made by Gov. Scott Walker during a prank phone call.

During the call, Walker told a caller that he and his staff considered planting agitators among Capitol ralliers, presumably in a bid to turn public opinion away from anti-Walker protesters. Walker said he ultimately dismissed the idea because it could backfire politically.

"This was a public safety issue," Wray said.

Wray says his officers have been working hard to keep tens of thousands of protesters safe around Capitol square, while at the same time staying neutral.

"We've tried to remain professional, provide an environment for people to peacefully protest, encourage a framework for democracy to take place in a capital city," he said.

"We thought about that," Walker says. "My only fear would be is if there was a ruckus caused is that would scare the public into thinking maybe the governor's got to settle to avoid all these problems."

"This should never be a consideration," Wray said. "I would have expected something proactive, that the governor would say that he would not condone this in any way shape or form."

"That is a very serious thing for the governor to be contemplating," Mayor Dave Cieslewicz said.

Like Wray, Cieslewicz says he wants more information about what happened.

"When he says they considered disrupting the event, what do you mean by that? Did they consider hiring people to agitate? we need to get to the bottom of this," he said.

Walker defended his statements yesterday, saying he considers lots of ideas and that this one was dismissed. And he said there was nothing on the tape that should come as a surprise.

"The things I've said I've said publicly all along," Walker said.

"I've never heard that before," Wray countered. "I've never heard him talk about a consideration of bringing in troublemakers."

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