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MMSD Superintendent Nerad discusses preliminary layoff notices


MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison Metropolitan School District Superintendent Dan Nerad says the district has reached an agreement with Madison Teachers Inc. to delay the deadline for issuing preliminary layoff notices until May 15.

That will allow the Gov. Walker's budget to be announced first.

Nerad is predicting a $17.5 million budget gap once the governor releases his budget. Nerad says in that scenario, up to 289 teachers could be laid off. He says that is a "worst-case scenario." The district would consider cutting programs to minimize layoffs.

Nerad spoke at a news conference at 3 p.m. Friday at Wright Middle School.

The Wisconsin Association of School Boards urged school officials to decide on staff cuts by Monday, or risk having those layoffs challenged later in court. State law requires school districts to provide staff final layoff notices by March 15, and preliminary notices must go out 15 days before that.

Wisconsin Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald's wife is among the state employees who received preliminary layoff notices this week.

Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday that layoff notices could go out as soon as next week if his budget repair bill didn't pass soon. The bill remains held up in the Senate, where Republican lawmakers wait for the Democratic Senators to return to the state.

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