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Dane County DA says no crime committed by Walker or Democrats


MADISON (WKOW) -- Dane County district attorney Ishmael Ozanne said a phone call between Governor Walker and a man posing as a campaign contributor included no evidence of a crime, but was "concerning, alarming," and left questions unanswered as to the exact nature of the governor's consideration of planting troublemakers among the thousands of protesters at the state capitol.

During a courthouse news conference Tuesday held by Oazanne and Dane County sheriff David Mahoney, Mahoney said he pulled sheriff's deputies away from controlling access to the state capitol during confusing hours Tuesday over building rules, and deputies were replaced by members of the state patrol.

Mahoney said he would not have his officers act as "palace guards."

In relation to last week's twenty minute telephone conversation between Walker and a blogger posing as businessman David Koch, Ozanne said there was no evidence actions were taken to carry out any plan to insert troublemakers into the demonstrating crowds. But Ozanne said Walker's mere consideration of such acts spoke to "character."  

Ozanne said Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen also had the ability to assess whether any part of Walker's phone call warranted a criminal investigation.

Ozanne flatly rejected any possibility the flight of fourteen democratic senators to Illinois to avoid responding to a call to appear in the Senate for consideration of legislation amounted to a crime.

On access to the capitol, Ozanne said the fact the state supreme court is in session in the building allows anyone to enter.

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