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Former Madison mayor reacts to budget address

Paul Soglin Paul Soglin

Mayoral candidate Paul Soglin, the former Mayor of Madison, has issued the following statement in response to Gov. Scott Walker's budget address:

"The crisis in Wisconsin today is not simply financial: it is a crisis that was created, exacerbated and perpetuated by the way the Walker administration handled the budget process to date.

"Governor Walker has not been forthright with the people of Wisconsin. By releasing his plan piecemeal, he makes it impossible for residents and the legislature to properly evaluate, weigh the consequences and consider the options. While a candidate, Walker failed to disclose the full scope of his agenda. That failure diminishes his electoral victory.

"Finally, he has left no room for public discussion of other options. We can do better in this state. The time has come for people of good will from all political outlooks to make it clear to Governor Walker that more discussion is needed as is a serious discussion of alternative plans.

"It is particularly important that this message is delivered by Wisconsin business leaders joined by parents, educators, and labor leaders who know the importance of education, workforce development, and a trained workforce if we are going to compete in international markets."

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