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Protesters continue to wait outside Capitol building


MADISON (WKOW) -- Tuesday night protesters are still demanding they be allowed inside the Capitol.

Some feel their right to protest and show their voice is being violated.

But they say, it won't stop them.

Hours past the regular time the Capitol doors would be closing Tuesday night, there were still many protesters standing outside - saying "Let us in."

After the governor spoke - there was one point where no one was allowed in or out of the building because there were too many protesters in front of those doors, and police wanted to keep order.

Many people say their hope is to get back under the rotunda to get warm and to voice their opinion.

Inside the Capitol - there are very few people.

One Madison teacher says this won't stop him from showing his voice outside.

"This is our house we have public access we deserve a right to be in here this is where laws are passed this is where public hearings have been heard to make our voices heard, to make our presence known," said Jim McCoy.

But the Department of Administration sent out a statement saying because of the magnitude of people coming to the capitol, they will only allow people inside who do not have appointment with a state representative inside, only as other people leave, to keep the number down.

The goal for the police is to keep the demonstrations as peaceful as possible.

Thousands were here Tuesday and police made no arrests.

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